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Proper refrigeration improves the taste of your dishes before you've even started cooking. Fruit tastes fresh-off-the-vine, meat is always tender and leftovers taste just as delicious as a freshly prepared meal. Understanding food storage can ensure every ingredient is as delicious as possible. .

Here at Sorrento Kitchens our premier partner status with Zanussi, AEG and Electrolux means we have access to the best appliances at the best prices so you can take taste further both before and after you cook




Keep your fresh food fresh

Fresh fruit and vegetables contain mostly water, with cell walls that hold in moisture and flavour. When temperatures aren’t cool enough these cell walls burst, resulting in a loss of taste and texture. Some types of produce stay fresher at lower temperatures than others. Ingredients such as leafy greens and root vegetables retain optimal freshness at 0°C, other produce needs to be kept between 2°C and 5°C.

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Cooking with fresh ingredients requires optimal storage space. We design cooling appliances that maximise the internal storage capacity thus enabling more food to be stored. Our salad drawers can hold up to 128 apples, and our fridges can hold enough food for 2 weeks worth of evening meals. This means that with busy lifestyles you can store more fresh ingredients and spend less time shopping.


The new Zanussi cooling range to be even more helpful. Storing food is easier. Cooling down your shopping is faster. We’ve been extra thoughtful in how our freestanding cooling appliances look, too. Zanussi Space+ fridges, freezers and fridge-freezers are bigger inside with the same dimensions outside, so you can fit more in. And more space means the whole weekly shop isn’t a squeeze.


Frozen Mackrel

The ethics of flavour

Learn how to waste less and find inventive and delicious ways to deal with your leftovers. Explore the forgotten step of storage. Because better refrigeration means better tasting food. 


Our experts can help you discover the best tips for longer lasting freshness.

Chilled Fruit and Meats
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Frozen fish & Tomatoes


Some ingredients stay freshest when they’re frozen – but only if they’re frozen correctly. Slow freezing creates large ice crystals that can destroy food's natural texture and taste. AEG'S TwinTech® technology uses fast freezing to produce a strong circulation of dry, cold air which prevents this damage. So your ingredients last longer and taste better.


AEG's ProFresh Plus range gives you the most flexible fridge freezer storage available to help keep your food fresh for longer. Not only does ProFresh protect the taste of your food, it preserves its natural aroma. So your food will always smell and taste its best.

fresh-fruit-food-for-background Cheese and wine

Our Range

Here at Sorrento Kitchens our premier partner status with Zanussi, AEG and Electrolux means we have access to the best appliances at the best prices. We can offer spectacular steam ovens, spacious fridge freezers, Dishwashers, Microwaves and more. All are simple to use and easy to integrate.Whatever you requirement and whatever your budget we can tailor a solution to your exact specifications.



AEG ProFresh

Store your weekly shop with ease in a huge capacity fridge from AEG.

Or save some space with a smaller under-the-counter model.

Choose the ideal AEG fridge freezer for your lifestyle.

One with a large freezer compartment to store food cooked in bulk.

Or a spacious fridge cavity to fill with fresh fruit and veg.



SKS58210F0 Integrated refrigerator

  • Safe storage for heavy items at every level of your fridge
  • Intelligent design for simple, effective cleaning
  • An ideal place for fresher, more flavoursome dairy products
AEG SCT71800S1

SCT71800S1 Integrated fridge freezer       

  • Keep your freezer entirely ice free
  • Perfectly fresh food thanks to the fridge´s controlled storage conditions
  • Control the fridge freezer settings, using the advanced Touch Controls
  • Bright and even light that shines into every corner of your fridge
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Zanussi Quadro

The new Zanussi cooling range has been designed to be even more helpful. Storing food is easier. Cooling down your shopping is faster. As well as more capacity, the Space+ Extra has TwinTechTM technology. Separate cooling systems for fridge and freezer provide the ideal humidity in each compartment


Zanussi ZBB28651SA


Store more and shop less, this fully integrated fridge freezer gives you flexible, family-size cooling. Clever technology to lock in freshness and ultra-efficient, XL storage means a bigger 2-in-1 combination that works even better, and our ice-free storage means just that. No ice, ever



This special Frost Free freezer prevents ice from building up inside your freezer, so you'll never have to spend time defrosting it. Frost Free 60:40 split stainless steel fridge freezer with fridge fan, 1 large salad drawer, 3 easy-to-wipe glass shelves, and 3 freezer drawers.



This extra-efficient A+ chest freezer uses less energy, saving you money. White chest freezer, with interior light and 3 baskets. With a 304 litre capacity spread over 3 white wire removeable baskets makes this the perfect outbuilding chest freezer

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